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Rhodes has a wide variety of sports and other activities to offer, that can keep you busy while on holidays. You can find almost everything for all tastes and age groups

Sports in Rhodes island - Greece

Windsurfing / kitesurfing:

Windsurfing and kitesurfing after swimming is one of the most popular water sports in Rhodes and generally in Dodecanese. Prasonisi on Rhodes, Afiarti on Karpathos, and Marmari, Tingaki on Kos vie for the position of the best windsurfing beach. Sailboards are for hire almost everywhere.

If you are a novice, most places that rent out equipment also give lessons. Wind / kite - surfing becomes more popular in Rhodes every year. Windsurfers and kitesurfers can be rented by the hour at all the popular beaches and even in the city of Rhodes itself. The East coast, with its calmer waters might be advisable for beginners, but experienced windsurfers will be sure to find the waves of the West coast a challenge worth meeting.

Water Skiing / Jet skiing:

In Rhodes there are water-ski, jet skiing centres almost in every beach. The eastern coast of the island, where the sea is ussually calmer, makes an ideal place for water skiing. Boats are available at all popular beaches, and they will also provide the necesarry equipment. And when the sea is calm on the West coast, water skiing facilities will appear there, too.

Snorkelling / Diving & Sub Aqua fishing:

Snorkelling is enjoyable just about anywhere in Rhodes and the rest of Dodecanese islands. Diving is another matter. Any kind of underwater activity using breathing apparatus is strictly forbidden other than under the supervision of a diving school. This is to protect the many antiquites in the depths of the Aegean.

There are plenty of diving schools on Rhodes. Spear - fishing has many enthusiasts in Rhodes, and everyone over 18 years of age is allowed to do it. No permit is required, although it is forbitten to spear-fish near bathers. The use of underwater flash-lights at night is also prohibited. The most important as said before however is against the use of breathing apparatus whether for fishing or not. The full wealth of the sea-bed of Rhodes may be explored only by joining the diving schools.


Rhodes is big and bossy. But it has a lot on offer. Resorts and beaches abound. Its mountains offer vineyards and trekking. All islands are a veritable paradise for trekkers of course at the right time of the year. Trekking is not fun at all in July August, when the temperatures are constantly up around 40 C. Spring (April to May) is the perfect time.


It is only to be expected that swimming is the most popular sport in Rhodes. There is always a choice between deep and swallow water, sandy or rocky beaches an calm, crystal clear water or high waves. Those who think safety and pleasure on the beach lies in numbers will find things to their liking, as will those who prefer to be more or less alone. And those who hate to be seperated from refreshment can use the swimming pools at one of the big hotels.

Water sports:

At many beaches around the island there are organized water sport centres where one can take lessons in surfing, catamaran, sailing, parasailing, jet skiing, pedalo, canoeing and extreme sports.

Yachting / Sailing:

Weather conditions in Rhodes from April to October make it a yachtsman's mecca. Sailing boats of various sizes and motor boats can be rented at Mandraki harbour. Those intersted in renting a small racing craft can apply to the Yacht Club, opposite the entrance to Mandraki harbour.


Many of the large hotels outside the city have tennis courts, which are also open to non-residents who have had the forehtought to make their booking in time. In the city itself, the Rhodes Tennis Club has courts near the Naval Club beach.


There is an 18-hole golf course at Afandou, 19 km of Rhodes city. The clubhouse contains changing rooms, lounges, a bar and a restaurant as well a shop selling golging equipment. In parallel there are also mini -golf courses in operation at major hotels on the island as well as privately owned golf clubs.


Cycling is possible all over the island. You can hire a bicycle and enjoy your ride either in town or exploring the whole island. The International Cycling Games organized each year during the first half of March are of particular interest.

Extreme Sports:

If you want to get your adrenaline going try bungee jumping at Faliraki or at New World Bungee and Aquarius Euro-Bungee .All operate in accordance with the legal safety requirements and are supervised by trained staff.

Horse Riding:

You can hire horses for riding near the village of Pastida and Ialyssos on the western side of the beach.

Mini Football 5 x 5:

Football courts can be found all over the island and nobody would mind if you went in there to shoot some goals. There are also 5-a-side football pitches available in some resorts. One of the best know ones is Venezia Hotel in Faliraki.


There are several Go-kart tracks on the island. There is one in Damatria, one in Lardos and one in Faliraki. The one in Faliraki called Stan's Go-Karts is the easiest one to reach.


There are modern bowling centres where local champions leagues are organized. While playing one can also enjoy a coffee or drink.


There is one campsite on the island at Faliraki which has all the amenities to guarantee you a please stay.

Water Park:

Impressively large with a wide range of rides, the faliraki water park is built amphitheatre-like on the side of hill above Faliraki beach. Apart from traditional rides like slides, lazy river and black hole it also has a rafting slide, giant slide, aqua gym, lifeguards, a bar and restaurants.

Mini Golf:

Mini golf courses can be found all over the island primarily at the large hotel complexes.


This is a harmless game of warfare. The only paintball part is at Kalythies on the road towards the village of Psinthos.


Fans of squash can enjoy their favourite sport at the major hotel complexes.

Beach Volleyball:

At quite a few beaches on Rhodes you can play beach volleyball on specially laid out courts. Each year the World Beach Volleyball Championships are held in Rhodes Town during the month of July.

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