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Monasteries in Rhodes island, Greece

Paramythia Monastery - Afandou village
Tsambika Monastery - Archaggelos village
Skiadi Monastery - Messanagros village
Ipseni Monastery - Lardos village
Thari Monastery - Laerma village
Pantanassis Monastery - Soroni village
Kalopetra Monastery - near the Butterflies valley

Churches in Rhodes island, Greece

Agios Nikolaos Church - Foundoukli Eleousa village
Agios Nectarios Church - Archipolis village
Katholiki church - Afandou village
Filerimos Church - Ialyssos village
Agios Soulas Church - Soroni village

The history of the place where the monastery is built Courage lost for ever. Historians and archaeologists say that the site was pre-Christian temple of Apollo, which confirm the two small carnivores found in the monastery.
Him 5th AD century was built on the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, early Christian basilica which remains divided about the current church ..
The current Church of Archangel Michael is built between the 9th and 11th century by a princess, which miraculously etherapefse the Archangel Michael from an incurable disease. The building of this temple with its imposing dome is composed of six phases and the architectural decoration includes four phases. The oldest pictures of this temple are two whole Hierarchs, St. Eleftherios and St. Gregory Akragantinon, late 12th century and preserved in the Byzantine Museum of Rhodes. From the Byzantine monastery survives only Catholic. The other buildings constructed while the old in the early 19th century and modern since 1990.
The monastery has always had the courage and presence of Abbot in the economic life of the Holy Metropolis of Rhodes. The last Abbot of this, Father Ignatius, passed away in 1916. Since then, the monastery fell into decline and obscurity.
In 1989 he came from Patmos, the brothers of the Monastery of Patmos and professor of Church School Patmiada Archimandrite. Amfilohije Tsoukas (now Bishop of New Zealand) and took the monastery igoumeneia opening a new page in the history of this.
The landscaping of the Catholic, that is the central church of the Archangel Michael (maintainable iconostasis and murals, replaced from the old floor and pews), the bank building and the hostel, the formation of Igoumeneiou, the building of reservoirs and ensure the necessary water electricity, repairing the road, the building of the Parliament Assembly of the Sacred, the construction of the new church of St. Eleftherios (launched on December 15, 2004 by Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes), the establishment and operation of the city of Rhodes, a religious bookstore, the broadcaster station in the monastery with a range on the island of Rhodes and some other islands of the Dodecanese, the building premises and the operation in these children's camps are the works made in the monastery from 1990 until today. Today the monastery egkatavioun eight monks Foreman Archimandrite Parthenios Bay. Celebration on November 8 (Synaxis of Archangels), May 21 (Saints Constantine and Helen) and December 15 (St Eleftherios). Outside the precincts of the monastery there are the chapels of St. John the Baptist and St. Nektarios.

On the east side of the island of Rhodes, about 24 km. away from the city, in the Municipality of Afandou is the Monastery of Our Lady Paramythia.
The reconstruction of the monastery began in 1988.
Founder and founder of the Abbey is now Abbot, Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Throne Seraphim Parcharidis. It was called "Tales" by the miraculous image of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi.
The foundation of the monastery took place on 09.10.1988 and the opening of the trial on 12/11/1994 by Metropolitan Apostolos two person. Later built outside the enclosure of the Monastery and the second devoted to the Catholic Synaxis of the Archangels, which was inaugurated on 05.28.2005 by His Eminence. Metropolitan Kirill of Rhodes. The Monastery celebrates on January 21 (Boxing Day fairy tales) and 8 November (Synaxis of the Archangels). The inner courtyard is the chapel of St. Anthony the Great Cemetery and erected the pareklisio St. Panteleimon.
The Monastery egkatavioun seven monks, have not registered and 5. The monks serving the local church to confession, the Mass, the Sunday, the camps and preaching. Within the monastery brought the handiwork of manufacturing incense, candelas and images.

The Holy Monastery Revealed is a few kilometers outside the city of Rhodes in Ixia.
In the area where it stands today, the Holy Monastery of the 19th century. inhabited by lepers, isolated from the rest of the world. One day a leper found on the beach, tucked away in the sand, an image of the Virgin Mary. Since the revelation of the image received Faneromeni title. Finding the Image has been the cause of building the lepers, the first small church, which was later expanded with assistance from the Christian communities Ialyssos and hanging. In 1933 he was named the first abbot of Monastery Archimandrite Dorotheos Frankland, who restored it. The call Fr Meletiou Paraskeva built the present south wing of the cells.
The monastery now has three monks with Anthony Abbot Archimandrite Father. Celebrates September 8 (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) Friday and Easter (Life Giving Source and Synaxis of the miraculous icon of Revealed.


The monastery is located in SW Skiadi Part of Rhodes, built at the foot of the mountain Skiadi.
It is 90 km from Rhodes. Two roads lead to the monastery, one west of the sea through the Apolakkia Kattavia and the other more adventurous and more impressive than the N.A.plefra through the mountain village Mesanagros.
For the etymology of the word Skiadi indicated:
It owes its name to the visor = shady landscape, where villagers shade. When others in the shade of a large cloud that is most often the cliff. A second version based on similarity to the sun visor, a pyramidal head cover. Indeed, if one looks at the Monolith, like the ancient hat.
The small church is a Byzantine and early Christian not. Around the Church saw the remains of a large building that probably n 'belonging to early Christian basilica. In the post-Byzantine period AD 1200, according to surviving date, the wall of the sanctuary was built on the ruins of an ancient temple, a small Byzantine church. Painted in the eighteenth century - when it started and expansion of the church - which is attested by the surviving dated 1777 and was completed around 1861 under Abbot Ignatius Zannetidi.
In K. century, just 200-300 meters from the monastery, surrounded by dense trees and bushes, lived two or three practitioners from Kattavia Vati or in a building called "Askitargo. For several evenings, stood nearby a unique light. They went to the point where they found a picture of the Virgin Mary.
According to tradition, this occurred in a region that says "Kira lives. The Saints have found a miracle image of the Virgin Mary and felt that this was one of the four first painted - painted by Luke the Evangelist.
They took the picture and the candle with great reverence and carried in the askitargo. In the morning the picture was gone.
Search and found where it is today built the Church. This event was repeated on other occasions.
Then they realized that Mary wanted to stay there and decided to fulfill her wish. Built in this place a temple. Also, several years ago was built a high wall around the monastery for protection from pirates. Today, this wall has been demolished and survives only one piece, which is the entrance to the monastery.
About the image include:
Older picture of the monastery should be that is on the altar and is made of mastic. This unique picture of art and technique leptoskalismeno coated with silver.
The image of the Virgin to the left of the entrance of the sanctuary is covered with an expensive chytoimantio, which has many writings over the right shoulder of the Virgin Mary.
We read your:
SUCH CHITNAS / IRGYROTHI K (AI) EPICHRYSOTHI / diligence costs / PANOSIOLOG (IOTATOU) / Archimandrite / K Ignatius / Anno Domini 1886. BELOW THE GOD Skiadeni MP.
Over the small halo Christ: ON THE ARCHIERATEIAS / OBSERVANCE (OTATOU) SAINT ROSE / K GERMANY / Anno Domini / Ergon Nov 1886 Emmanuel PAMTELI. D CHRISOCHOOU Edge YEAR 1886.
The face of the Virgin Mary is alive, sweet expressive eyes, despite the gloom left by the years.
Around the Virgin Mary and the infant Christ, are elaborately carved angels, fruits, flowers and shrubs. The decor leaves filled with pomegranate, symbol of fertility and life. Over the shoulders, the stars of virginity and the kindness and the Angels with scrolls unfold phrases from the Bible.
The monastery is also a rare Gospel 1781, artwork or achievement of printing, Monthly (1862) and paraklitiki old versions, etc.
The current temple is remarkable artwork without sanctuary door with sculpted natural beauty, with pictures of post-Byzantine period stands in good condition. Inside the monastery there is still wood-carved pontifical throne. The floor is paved with black and white pebbles.
The complex consists of houses Chalkitika they call it the 'built the Chalkitis to stay when they come to worship. Generally, the monastery is surrounded by several outbuildings, lofts and new buildings can provide hospitality to visitors. Mostly, however, surrounded by the beautiful scenery, the serenity of the landscape enhanced by the grace and spiritual presence of Mary.
The monastery has been looted by the Germans - Englishmen - Turks and other sacrilegious. The complex is a miracle not harmed by fire in 1992 while the priest - John Keramitzis from Samos embraced the image and removed.
The miraculous image of Our Lady of Skiadeni customary until now procession from village to village on Rhodes during the period of Lent and the people most often to carry pedestrians.
On the day of grace on 8 September, celebrated the "Nativity of Mary, many visitors flock to the island of Rhodes and Halki.
We should mention that during the Ottoman period, the Abbot Ignatius Zannetidis had turned the monastery in an institution chased and desperate women. The second Cathedral, earning baptisms and marriage licenses. (At that time Bishop Synesius, invitees and the Patriarch departed in Istanbul city, and afisen in place of Ignatius as archiepiscopal throughout the islands of Rhodes and Symi, Tilos, Halki, Nisyros, Kastelorizo).
Apart from how to find the image of the Virgin Mary, we give you some more miracles:
I) During the dates of pirates following story. A pirate ship dropped anchor in the sea area near the mountain Skiadi. The pirates know that the Church has valuables, went to the monastery and began to plunder. And grabbed the icon of the Virgin Mary. But when they returned on board the ship faded. Christians have had in the miracle of the Virgin Skiadeni. In the marine area from Mesanagros to blinds, there is a small island that looks like a petrified pirate ship. The call "Petrokaravo" or "scallops" or "scallops."
II) Anastasios Thunder, the "Rhodian Folklore" he describes another miracle of the Virgin Skiadeni in Rhodian dialect and transfer as:
"One time a Turkish aga in Turkey is not believed in the miracles of the Virgin and ekeida who roamed the sharpening of the kaman nailed to it. For a etrexeg gaiman that picture and his hand aga ekoullathi. The Turkish metaden eparakalesen and the Virgin Mary to Janni and gums give the monastery its fields, pouchen nearby. The Lady in esynchorise he made good his hand and gums fields of Agha eginasi idiochtisia the monastery.
Elsewhere it is stated: Madonna accepted the repentance and cured. Then the Turkish official to official documents that have survived until today, donated to the metropolis Mary Skiadeni as much land could be seen from the courtyard of the monastery.
III) The tradition says that there was a wild boar that was destroying the crops of Chiliomodi the most fertile plain of Apolakkia. The Lady in petrified and threw a rock in the sea area. The rocky island is called "headscarf".
In the monastery today, apart from the image of Skiadeni, project of 1886, there are 4 other images depicting: Jesus Christ, St. John, St. Nicholas and the Birth of Mary. These images, works of 1885, donated Chalkias and kept in good condition.
The Cathedral of the monastery was renovated recently and decorated by the Mount Athos monk Paisios also equipped with new functional ware. The monastery is run by a committee chaired by the Bishop of Mr. Rhodes Cyril. The Virgin patron Skiadeni most of southern Rhodes has a unique history and simple beauty of nature gave birth, nursed the people and blessed by God.

At around Filerimo area excavations brought to light finds belonging to the Minoan and Mycenaean era, which confirms that the habitation of Ialyssos is ongoing and dates back to the extreme this time.
Found Mycenaean and ancient cemeteries and graves with many rich findings, which are most exposed to the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.
In one plateau to Filerimos was little remains of the ancient citadel of strong Ialyssos and remains the foundation of the temple of Athena and Zeus citizens, dating from the third or second century BC The temple was great, Doric and looked like it Lindos Athena. On the ruins of this church was built a basilica in the 5th century AD, which now survives only in cruciform baptistery.
The area is fenced with stone fence and the entrance is the east gate, where a wide stone staircase, with tall cypress trees right and left, leads us to the monastery of Panagia Filerimos dedicated to Zoodochus Source, built by the Knights in place of an older Byzantine church and rebuilt in its present form by Italian archaeologists.
On the east and the northwest corner of the hill is visible remnants of Byzantine fortifications with additions of the time of the Knights.
Right next to cross the stone baptismal font is restored Gothic church of Panagia Filerimos.
To the left of the main entrance of the site at a lower level of the monastery is the small underground Byzantine church of Agios Georgios Hostos, 14th or 15th century AD
Opposite the entrance to the archaeological site outside the fence starts the so-called Calvary, a stoned walkway with 14 engravings on one side, standing on pedestals, which represent the Passion of Christ. The view from here is breathtaking. Pines, cypresses, oaks, olive trees everywhere, as there reaches the eye. A few yards down the hillside is partially restored fountain with six Doric columns and an equal number of pillars inside stso (4th century BC)

Is it really impossible to describe the greatness of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the only real and Despina in the world. The same as a chosen vessel of God, as a container maximum grace, became the instrument of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and the salvation of mankind.
The Virgin Mary is the unique value of a person who adorned and honored the woman. It is the second Eve, as brought salvation and redemption to mankind with the birth of Christ.
The Virgin Mary is that person in the history of Orthodox theology especially honored by the faithful because of the benevolence of many. In life on earth was the woman who excelled in the holy virtues of love, humility and chastity. United with Christ by the miracle of the incarnation is now in the heavenly life is still the "holy of myrothiki akenotou myrrh the divine fragrance of Christ" (St. Modesto Jerusalem) to illuminate us sinners in the way of our salvation. With the brokerage of rushing to prayers supplications, we reach out to the tests, we soften our pain, calms our souls and is generally found as a mother next to us every time. So we can easily admit that Mary not only went to heaven, but heaven's hearts and became the sweet love and protection of all.
Furthermore, the love shown by people in the face of the Virgin Mary appears from all the temples are dedicated to her face. Of the 8,660 parish churches of Greece the 1900 is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and from 490 to 170 monasteries devoted to her. In the crowd of about a thousand epithets of the Virgin Mary is also the place name Mary Tsambika.
Any attempt to record and celebrate the presence of Mary in the life of our church is small and can not add something to the heavenly splendor. Directs the writer and every reader to the source of blessing, of the Son, Jesus Christ. And when that presence of Our Lady is undeniable witness multiple benefits many people, as in Mary Tsampikas how one can remain silent?
Although he was known case of Mary Tsambika for many years has enjoyed writing a book dedicated the album.
The first attempt to record the delivery of the display of the image was blessed by the Sava two person, father of Mr. Rhodes, the former Metropolitan Apostle, in the form of poem 129 verses. Entitled "The Miracle of Our Lady."
The second attempt was in May 1998 by the author in a book with more extensive presentation. The title of this book is "Virgin Tsambika theological-historical approach."
Madonna Tsambika is a most prestigious and famous shrines in honor of the Virgin Mary in the Dodecanese and is located near the town of Archangel, Rhodes. Here I am pleased the Most Holy Virgin to make clear maternal care and custody of the countless miracles he has done and is doing to those who rely on faith and invoke the intercession with Christ.
The word Tsambika, according to unwritten oral tradition comes from the word for free, which in local dialect means archangelitiki fire-spark.
According to tradition, the picture seemed far from clear, however, distinguished the lamps of fire with it.
At this point we should mention that the miraculous image of Our Lady Tsambika came three times to the Byzantine monastery of Our Lady of Kykkos Eleousa Kyprou.Otan monks from Cyprus found the image in Rhodes, came to restore back to their monastery ; the picture, but bounced back on the hill in Rhodes. Cypriots to demonstrate that indeed this was the image left, burned back in order to have a proof mark. The burning distinguished very clearly today.
Madonna Tsambika today shows her love to childless couples by giving them the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.
Popular piety honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary Tsambika - Lady of C Sunday of Lent that is the Cross, when the Holy Cross shines as a beacon in the sea of ​​Lent and sweet spreads hope in Christian hearts. The hiker was climbing the day Notre Tsambika tired, sweat wets, inflames me the entrails of thirst and yet persists. The trees shade gives it a sigh of relief and give courage to get up in the spiritual one source.
Also, the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary September 8, many people flock to Virgin Tsambika low.
Madonna Tsambika we all support each moment of our lives and made the ratio of troparion: "Mother of God, the hope of all Christians roof, fortresses, keeps their hopes of thee."

Temple in Greek means the dwelling, the innermost part of the sanctuary, the sanctuary. In general we Ionic `nios of" the Attic "the neos 'ex' naio. The verb, as in "nod" and the word "mind" show flow and completeness. Interestingly, the word shows in the Doric and Attic poetry general of the word "church" are ships ", ie the ship. Looking back in the relative verb "temple," (flow, run), we find a derivative of the word "Nama", meaning source. Thus, while dwelling indicates a stable and stationary point, several derivatives of the word "church" we create the sense of movement and continuous flow.
The Church of Mary Catholic is to apostolovadisto agiotoko Rhodes and boast of as the great Virgin Mary shrine, which, in spite of the times and times of adversity and difficulties of history, remains in constant motion and flow Orthodox witness. The fact is timeless spirit doxologikis reference ecclesiastical body, which "holds all the wealth of starry sky, telling the glory of the Lord God

Beautifully situated in the southeast the village (Theologos Rhodes) cloudy in reeds and the limits of Psinthos is the Monastery of Panagia Kalopetra.
You can reach the Psinthos but from the road passing through Butterflies greatly while facing right Kastri.
The church is on a small plateau of Mount Lefkopoda "or" Leftopagos "built by the ruler of Wallachia, Alexander Ypsilanti (1782). The map of the mountain written and Lefkopeda, the color of the soil.
The monastery was in 1489, because if they existed before the conquest of Rhodes in 1522, the Turks would not allow repair or construction in accordance with the policy followed by the Christians. The publication of the archives of the Knights reserved surprises, but it is impossible to detect archaeological building.
The early indication of Kalopetra in 1314, forcing us to associate with the 'other monasteries in the same time as the Commander in Kammyri the Artamitis, courage, blinds, St. Filimonas Arnitha the Fountoukli and Filerimo .
It is shown that together constitute key points of an internal network connecting the island villages and great military controlled crossings. They were resting place of transit, so collect important information of the utmost importance. In addition, hold a business magazine attackers or concealed in a secret military mission.
Broadcast as a beacon-signals, messages arrived on time fire in the town of Rhodes. At the same time were significant for the economic units and clinics at the soul.

In the southeastern part of the island, 50 km from Rhodes town, towards the historic village of Lindos and chorioLardos, sometimes hidden in the lush green forest, lies the monastery of Panagia Ipseni iGypsenis ...
There are two possible scenarios for the taprosonymia Panagias.Ypseni from the height to which the monastery is built, hence the popular line of "Oh Mary mouYpseni who'll be in Psilomata. "Gypseni" layer of plaster from the surrounding area.
H chronology construction of the monastery, according to the sign at the entrance of the temple is around 1855 and was the founder of Saint Meletios. Today in moniegkatavionoun 15 nuns under the spiritual guidance of the new over the abbot of the monastery, Mary Nun. The first abbess of the Monastery, he was a nun and founder of Evgenia fraternity was the current Archbishop of New Zealand, Mr AmfilochiosTsoukos.
The monastery celebrates 22 and August 23, the novena of Our Lady, joined a crowd of people and on 12 February when he honored the memory of Saint Meletiou.
Some ταδιακονήματατωνμοναζουσών, is painting, sewing, cultivation of land (vineyards, olive trees, xynodentra) and the construction of images in natural wood.
A monastery with its own history and path decorates the island of Rhodes and gives peace to all visitors and pilgrims to the monastery.

On the southwest side of the island of Rhodes, about 30 km away from the city and between the villages of Theologos and Soroni, is the convent of Our Lady Pantanassis.
Ktitoras the monastery is the Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Throne Seraphim Parcharidis, Abbot of the Monastery of Our Lady Paramythia. Named "Pantanassa" the miraculous image of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, a copy of which is the monastery.
The construction of the Monastery began in 1995 and included the main temple, a small chapel of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou three cells, a small guest quarters, kitchen and ancillary areas. In 1997 settled the first two sisters of the monastery, old Makaria sister and Senate.
Then followed the erection of new cells, kitchen, guest quarters, agiografeiou, stitching and kiroplasteiou.
The 2002-3 built a large hall, used as a dining room for pilgrims.
The brotherhood of the Monastery of five nuns in the Mother Abbess Makaria Maravelias.
The monastery church was painted in 1998-1999 and was inaugurated by Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes on July 2, 2004, the day which celebrates the Holy Monastery.
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