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Kastelorizo or Megisti island information. A complete travel info guide to the island of Kastelorizo or Megisti in Greece. Information about the island history, worth sightseeings, lady of Ro
Kastelorizo or Megisti island information

In the eastern tip of Greece, hug the coast of Asia Minor, Kastelorizo ​​or Megisti is a small island paradise, despite the countless beauties and its long history, remains untouched by tourism!

Kastelorizo or Megisti is located only about 3 kilometers off the Turkish coast and 130 kilometers east of Rhodes. About 200 people live there. Among the rocky islands and islets forming that decision in the miniature archipelago, two spread out, as if from the Turkish coast, one was large enough to be inhabited, almost from the beginning of history. So say it was named the Great - and I think this is one of the smaller islands of the Mediterranean. As he traveled to Great story until the Middle Ages when the Knights built here Castello Rosso, the castle on top of red rock that rises above the harbor. In another version, the name arising from the settlement itself, which lies "STOU Kastello root" equal to the water. These are things to preoccupy one's mind the endless hours, where they choose to access the ship needed to get the most borderline of the Greek islands. Why, only sees the port and the sublime surrounds the village, names and etymolo-gies are no longer absolutely essential.

Until a few decades ago, Kastellorizo ​​was a relatively inconspicuous destination, even among Greeks - a remote, inaccessible, little advertised site. But the last two decades, the small island of only 9 square kilometers emerged from the border of isolation to recommend directly to the international audience: in 1991, the Oscar-winning Italian film «Mediterraneo» moviegoers everywhere toured the charming scenery of Kastellorizo. Much later, in 2006, a celestial phenomenon, the impressive total eclipse, brought to the island hundreds of visitors from every corner of the Earth. Along the safe natural harbor lies the island's only settlement. This is all about Kastellorizo. Place a pinch, but with such a rich history, which will take some time to explore it thoroughly. A stroll in the streets like a trip back in time.

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The Great inhabited since the Neolithic era, as evidenced by the numerous discoveries that have come to light. In ancient times inhabited by Pelasgians and later by the Dorians, and passed through here Minoans and Mycenaeans. Was always close contacts with Asia Minor, with which the island remained vital for the survival and development, trade relations. The Peak has experienced periods of glory-up its own coins minted, but was usually dependent on a greater power of the era - particularly the island. Because of its strategic position in the coming centuries, quite a few will claim the Great: Romans, Byzantines and then, in 1306, is the order of knights. They will build a medieval castle on top of the rocks and give the name Kastelorizo ​, which will be a place of exile their opponents.

In 1440, the fleet of the Egyptian Mamelukes attacked the island. The settlement decay and residents trapped in finding slaves in the East. The next 200 years, the island you will constantly change hands between the Franks and Ottomans. Ultimately, we wave-riarchisoun the latter. In Turkish, the islanders will be able to retain many advantages, which will allow them to progressively develop a thriving economy, based mainly on shipping. The commercial fleet of Kastelorizo ​​thresh the eastern Mediterranean, carrying goods to and from Europe, Asia, Africa. Trade brought wealth to lots of locals. Witnesses are beautiful neoclassical style mansions that lie along the "string", as locals call the coastal road - and their favorite ride. These two and three storey mansions, more colorful and more white, with wooden windows, balconies and red tile roofs, relate primarily to the mid 19th century. Today, many of them have been renovated and are either private homes or hostels.

To their credit, the Kastellorizo ​​cared, except for personal property, to endow the place with significant public buildings. Kavos all around neighborhoods, farmland, Mandraki will find City Hall, the Municipal Market and the Santrapeio School, which will look very familiar: logical, since the facade is an exact copy of the University of Athens. Also, erected magnificent churches, like that of the island's patron, Saint Constantine and Helen - the offerings and decor will give you another picture of acne seen Kastellorizo ​​thanks to the sea. The columns supporting the dome over the temple of Apollo at Patara in Lycia, in Asia Minor.

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At the port rises the minaret of the mosque of Kastelorizo, which operated until the early 20th century. In summer open the small folk museum hosts. Continuing to ride around the harbor, you will find the 315 (say) steps leading to St George's Mountain. Built in a stunning location in the box palaiochristanikis church - preserved its floor. Inside is an interesting and catacomb.

At the foot of the castle rock, the interest is purely archaeological: here is preserved in an excellent state-shaped Lycian tomb of the 4th century - another indication of the ancient ties of Kastelorizo ​​in Asia Minor. Going up will take you to the medieval castle. When constructed, the 14th century, was one of the strongest fortresses in the eastern Mediterranean. Today it stands in ruins, accompanied by the remains of ancient acropolis. Up there deserve to relax and enjoy views of the village, the harbor and the coast of Asia Minor, which are minimal. Before you descend, pass by the beautiful museum of Kastelorizo: houses archaeological finds and artifacts from every period of history of the island, such as the frescoes of St. Nicholas in the castle.

Strolling in the village, you will notice that many homes, even mansions stand derelict. Several were destroyed in 1926 when a powerful earthquake of 8 Richter shook the region. The destruction was completed during the German bombing in 1943, the fires that followed to give the final blow to the island. He had begun to decline since the early 20th century - then, successive rotations of European occupation forces and the difficult living conditions led to a huge number of local people in exile, mainly in Australia. Indeed, the community in Australia numbers Kastelorizos multiple States for residents of the island, not more than 300 people today.

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Walks in the countryside

Kastelorizo ​​has no roads, except the asphalt that connects the village to the airport. The cars can be counted on fingers and there is only one taxi serving guests. However, it is so tiny place, so it's worth the walk, following the paths of kalocharagmena countryside. Just one kilometer from the village is Palaiokastro, one of the oldest monuments of the island, which was used until the age of knights. South of town you will see the defense "Cyclopean" walls of Vigla, which probably date back to the Hellenistic era. The hike in the countryside is also a great opportunity to find an ecological paradise, where there are several rare species of flora and fauna, the most popular in the salamander Mertensiella luschani.

Kastellorizo ​​is one of only three islands where living is the rare and endangered species, resembling tiny deinosafraki! Beaches on the island, there are ... but there is no reason for frustration. Apart from the diving you can do in the crystal clear waters of the harbor or in plates, many boats will take you to the beaches located in the neighboring islands and islets: in Ro, where you will see the famous monument of Lady Ro - in Round and St George in the chapel.

But the most striking point for diving in the same Kastelorizo ​​and none other than the Cave of live performing, one of the largest sea caves in the Mediterranean. True miracle of nature, so well hidden in the rocks, to fit the boat, you should bend so that it touches the nose at your fingertips! The nature has decorated the cave with amazing stalactites and the walls get indescribable shades of blue in the rainbow through the water. The cave called Fokiali, and is said to nest here seals monachus monachus. Of course, it is mallonapithano meet some, because they bear all the polykosmia.To Kastelorizo ​​offers a wealth of experience, but above all a place of serenity, peace and why not-lazy. A lazy stroll through the cord, where the mountains of Asia Minor, across the street, painted in the colors of dusk and after another turn on the lights of Kass, the ancient Antifellou, perhaps the quintessential pleasures that can give you this gem borderline Aegean.

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The Lady of Ro

Kastelorizo ​​located southwest of the islet of Ro. There he lived all alone since 1940, when widowed, the Lady of Ro-or-Lady Achladioti, the most famous akritissa of Greek history, partisan action.

From 1943 until her death in 1982, took care not to miss a day that is not waving the flag of the tiny islet. The Lady of Ro was honored by the Academy of Athens, the Navy, etc. today, the island rises a monument in her honor.

Travel to Kastelorizo or Megisti

If you decide to go on the island, by boat, get ready for one of the longer trips of your life since last approximately 23 hours. Other options are to go by air or boat to Rhodes and from there fly to Kastelorizo ​​(Olympic Air: 801.801.01.01, www.olympicair.com). Rhodes is the Kastellorizo ​​and Boat - the trip takes about 5 hours (Rhodes Port Authority: 22410-22220, 22410-28888).


Kastelorizo ​​is famous for its fish and seafood. Try to Alexandra, the Lazaraki and the trees, which occurred even in the movie «Mediterraneo».

Traditional products

Apart from seafood and fish, the island you will enjoy a stuffed goat, revithokeftedes and delicious local sweets, such katoumaria, wrong and halva sweets.

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- In July, the biggest festival is that of the Prophet Elias (20 / 7), which has a certain peculiarity: the stay, the locals dropped the clothes in the water - and would not hesitate to lure you ... if you do not keep a safe distance!

- In August, and this is certainly a great celebration, which starts from the day before, when children start fires and begin the leaps!

Excursion to Kas - Turkey

A visit to neighboring Turkey imposed on the island, if you - as long as you have not forgotten about the (new) your identity. The Kas, this small Turkish town of "Riviera", has, despite the tourist development, character. Besides the colorful bazaar held every Friday, Kas is in an area full of monuments. Just outside the town preserved ancient theater, a remnant of the ancient Antifellou.

Useful Numbers

Area code: (+30) 22460
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Port Authority: 49.270
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Airport: 49.250
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