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Walking in Rhodes

Rhodes has some lovely walks in store for you if you want to take them; if you pack some walking gear into your suitcase as well as stuff for the beach, you will be prepared for all eventualities.

One thing you should really do before heading out to Rhodes is a bit of research. If you have already booked your holiday take the time to find out more about the local area. You can try and plan a few walks before you leave, to save time once you arrive. In contrast if you are still looking to book your holiday you may be able to book an apartment or hotel room somewhere near a prime place for walks. In either case you can have some idea of what to expect once you get there.

Walks in Rhodes also give you the opportunity to get away from the cities and towns for a while. You can explore a different side of Rhodes. For example Tsambika Beach promises a path that leads you all the way up to the Tsambika Monastery. The walk may be something of a challenge but you will see some superb views once you reach the monastery itself.

Elsewhere you could opt to get away from the beaches and move towards the forests and mountains instead. Mount Profitis Ilias is more of a challenge if you prefer a longer walk that takes you into the mountainous part of Rhodes. You may be surprised at how different this part of Rhodes actually is if you have only ever stayed in the coastal regions.

So you can see that walking around on the island promises to be a wonderfully involving activity. Whatever you think of Rhodes now, your opinion may be changed for the better once you tackle some walks there.

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