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Rhodes island Ancient and Modern

Rhodes is well known as a Greek island with a history that stretches back for thousands of years. There is ample evidence that the island was inhabited back in Neolithic times (basically that means a long, long time ago, for those people who are not familiar with their ancient history).

This brings forward an interesting point of view to remember whenever you are thinking of booking a trip to Rhodes. There is now a wonderful combination of ancient and modern sights on the island and it is up to you how many sights of each type you want to see.

Some people undoubtedly visit Rhodes to enjoy their clubs, bars and restaurants. You will no doubt want to enjoy a taste of one or more of these yourself, depending on the kind of holiday you have in mind. Modern Rhodes is well known for its tourism and it caters extremely well for people in this respect.

But the truth is that wherever you go in Rhodes there are signs of the ancient times still there to see. It is unfortunate that an earthquake back in 226BC was responsible for felling the great Colossus of Rhodes – an icon that was known to be one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. It is thought that the entrance to the harbour is where the Colossus once stood, although no one can be sure of this. You can go there and see the platform on either side of the entrance though, and wonder whether it did once stand there long before you or I even existed.

The ruins of Kameiros also hark back to times long before we existed. This site dates back to the Bronze Age so again you will have a chance to look back at another portion of history.

In a sense Rhodes is a living history lesson. There is so much here to see and appreciate about the island in centuries gone by. It would be a shame not to see at least some of it while you are there on holiday. You might go home with a whole new appreciation of Rhodes.

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