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The Knights avenue

One integral part of the Old Town is the so called Avenue of the Knights. This is more commonly known today as Ipoton Street, but somehow Avenue of the Knights sounds more dramatic and indeed romantic as well. The knights of old once lived here and so the street is often named after them. The avenue runs from the east to the west of the Old Town, and it is quite amazing to look at.

It could be said to be quite plain in some ways; there are doorways and windows peppering its length on both sides, and it is paved with cobbles from top to bottom. But for all its plainness it is also quite striking and indicative of a time in history in this part of Rhodes that is long since gone. It has been restored in the past, around a century ago, and as such it really doesn’t look a lot different at the beginning of the 21st century than it did at the turn of the 20th century.

Modern businesses and offices now take up much of the Avenue of the Knights, but you would not realise this to look at it from the exterior. It is this eerie and forbidding tone of the street that makes it a must see for anyone visiting Rhodes and the Old Town. You would be amazed at how striking it is in person and in photos, and you will definitely want to take plenty of those.

Of course you have the rest of the Old Town to explore as well, and you should certainly make the effort to do so. But this is going to be just one part of your trip to the town – and walking up the Avenue of the Kings to reach it is the best way to make its acquaintance.

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