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Kalithea Springs of Rhodes

There are many areas in Rhodes that are worth visiting, and one of them must surely be the Kalithea Springs. These are quite famous on the island and have a long history you are sure to find interesting.

The original opening of the springs took place way back in 1929, and since then they have been enjoyed by lots of people from many countries. Those in Rhodes certainly know the history and the value of the springs, and they are an important tourist attraction for those visiting the island every year.

The springs were thought to be beneficial in helping to alleviate the symptoms of many physical ailments. They were used by many people who were hoping to find a natural remedy for some kind of medical problem. Today they don’t work any more but the springs have been regenerated and worked on to provide an incredibly attractive monument to visit. The circular building has white washed walls and a mosaic floor that is quite stunning to see.

The pattern of the floor fits in nicely with the circular building, and as you look closer you will see just how many pebbles there are which go to make up the total design. It is really quite something to see.

Even though the springs themselves are no longer available to bathe in, you are not far from the sea and the delightful beach you will find there. There is a small beach right below the baths that you can bathe in if you wish, and it is often used by people who are visiting the area. This is essentially a rocky cove that offers some good opportunities to swim and snorkel, and you will be rewarded with seeing lots of fish and other delights beneath the waves too.

Even though the Kalithea Springs are no longer in operation, you will still benefit from seeing them as they are quite spectacular to look at. Grab your camera and commit some of it to more than just your memory, as it really is quite an amazing area to visit.

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