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Ancient Kamiros of Rhodes

Whenever you visit any part of Greece you know you are in with a chance of seeing some ancient ruins or signs that many other people have been there centuries before you.

This is indeed the case when you visit Rhodes. One of the most fascinating sights of all is probably not the best known. We’re talking about ancient Kamiros – and yes, you can still see a lot of the ancient signs of life today.

This was a major force in Rhodes in ancient times and although only ruins are left today, it is easy to imagine what it would have been like in times gone by. The amazing thing is that you can see lots of foundations and lower levels of walls and outlines of buildings here. These enable you to build the rest up in your mind, and walk along the same paths that were used by ancient peoples living in Rhodes.

You will find Kamiros on the north western shores of Rhodes. The high times of Kamiros were back in the 6th century, when it even had its own currency. Over time though things changed, and it was not the success it had once been. The place was abandoned and left to go to ruin, eventually being covered and forgotten as the centuries gathered pace.

It would not be until 1929 that Kamiros was uncovered once more, and although it took several years archaeologists were able to eventually reveal the remains of Kamiros to the world. Their painstaking work, care and attention have made it possible to see what it would have been like to live here.

You will certainly be amazed at the scale of the ruins you will find. Some pillars remain in areas, but in others nothing more than a few levels of stone are there to indicate where walls and windows would once have been. You can imagine what it would have been like to live there all those centuries ago, making olive oil and trading figs in a bustling marketplace.

Kamiros may not be the successful and thriving town it once was, but it still has a lot to show and tell us.

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